Tuesday, November 20, 2018

How has our world grown so full of people filled with hate? On the other hand, our world has also grown very over-crowded with people who are quite unlovable. I get tired of hearing so many lies and seeing so much cynicism. I miss good values, ethics, and morals. 🙈🙉🙊

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Just found this list of some things God can't do in an old file folder and thought you might enjoy it:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Religious Experiences

I have something a little different on my mind. Today I have been thinking about my earliest religious experiences. No, I'm not talking about simply remembering things like attending Sunday School and church almost from the day I drew my first breath, or the continual exposure to a Christian environment in my home (my parents were a couple who tried to live the things they believed; to walk in obedience to the Bible's teachings), or my first awareness and acceptance of Christ for who He said He was. Rather, I am considering my very earliest personal recollection of a Living God actively working or manifesting Himself in my life, showing Himself to be real to me.

I could relate my experience to you, but the other party involved with it, the "enemy of the moment" when I was in the 3rd grade, is now my friend and might possibly also remember and recognize herself if she were to read it. Out of fairness to her recollection and understanding of this long-ago encounter between young children, I would prefer to discuss it with her first.

I will say that what God used to speak to me, as He has continued to do on occasion throughout my lifetime since then, was a dream. I don't have dreams from God that are the jumbled insanity of nightly dreaming, but these are realistic, detailed and often give me comfort, a solution to a problem, or reveal a truth about another who has been less than candid with something they have told me. There haven't been many of them, but they are distinctly different, their memory remaining with me for even decades. But what I would rather hear is YOUR story of the first time you met God on a personal level. I would love to know how or when God was unquestionably there with or for you.

Please leave comments for me, understanding that you will, by posting them, be giving me permission to possibly use your experiences in my future writings about Spiritual things. I will be both eager and grateful to hear from you!