Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being sick...

Hello, again!

So, what do I hate more than blogging? BEING SICK!!! Which is what I've been pretty much ever since that last post. Maybe I need to drop the negatives and try to be a little more encouraging? Nah!

Where on earth do we pick these nasty germs when we are mostly sequestered in our computer room? Maybe they just float around in the air looking for people like me to jump on? I thought at first it was only allergies, for the pollen in my yard is thick enough to coat everything in early-spring yellow out there. Wouldn't you think it would do the same thing to one's sinus cavities and lungs? Now, almost a week later, the only voice I have that's loud enough to be heard is this one, the one that works through my fingers. Thank heaven for Tylenol  though, because it has me feeling a little less like death warmed over at this moment.

Okay, I'm not the perfect natural person, but I do think there are many good things that can help us without having to take the synthetic/expensive cures modern medicine offers. Obviously (as with Tylenol), I accept that sometimes the prescription stuff becomes necessary for faster relief, especially when we haven't taken as good of care of ourselves as we know we should, but I still stay open to natural healing information and tips. That being said, I'm sitting here "enjoying" the smell of a freshly-halved onion that's sitting in a bowl beside me. Don't laugh! You've read it, too, how that onion is going to absorb all the germs that are tormenting me, turn black, and leave me feeling better soon! I will let you know if it helps. At least I don't mind the smell of onion -- it does feel like it cleanses the sinuses. I'm thankful to even be able to smell it at all, but this crud has pretty much stayed in my inner ear and throat. Could it be there's a germ that will affect every single spot on your body, depending on just which germ you "inherit"? I think every cold I've ever had in my life has felt like it was making a different part of my head/throat/lungs miserable.

I'm still "floundering around" in this vast ocean of the blogging world and trying to decide exactly where I will take this journal. I still don't see me as being anything other than what I am: eclectic. That means I will probably always be talking about different kinds of things.

I joined Pinterest (feel free to follow me there - with the intention of only putting a few things there in an "eclectic collection", mostly so I could find them again, but already I have created boards for craft ideas, kitchen hints, sewing tidbits, home gardening...and I don't even spend a lot of time looking around!

I also have a website full of fun pages -- sure seems a waste to not keep those online for people to enjoy. After all, I certainly enjoyed building them, and the jokes remain funny. The inspirational things still inspire. If it was dated, it doesn't remain (as in all the political jokes about Clinton and Bush). Why don't you take a look at it and express your opinion?
New logo for EclecticallyJan - soon to be published in a website makeover!
My new logo!
There are a LOT of pages, so be sure and look for them while you're there. The site map will give you the best overview. Oh yes, you won't see that tropical-themed logo yet. I'm in the process of doing a makeover using this fabric for my foundation. That's just a little preview of what is yet to come for you!

You know, to not have very much to say, these blog posts (which I still hate) sure turn out to be lengthy, don't they? Maybe this will be growing on me as more time passes!?!?