Friday, March 22, 2013

Joined Pinterest

Well, I finally did it -- I bit the bullet -- took the plunge -- joined Pinterest!

I think I was one of the ten-millionth people to sign up for Facebook. (Yes, I'm a little slow to jump on most bandwagons.) Got several invitations from friends before, months later, finally deciding to give it a try and use it to look for old acquaintances. Did I ever get hooked! Now I have to close the viewing window just to get anything else done! I mean, you start typing or working on a graphic and that little chime thing goes off and you just have to go see who put what kind of mostly-unimportant thing-a-ma-jig on your wall. But that's how it's supposed to work, right? And games? Can you picture a bona fide senior citizen (a nice description for an old lady) playing Mafia Wars? That is a long story that I won't get into here! Suffice it to say that I do have an alter ego that enjoys fights, wars, investing, building, robbing, and, most of all, real friends from all over the world who help me bully other folks in the game (all in fun, of course).

So, in true dragging-my-heels fashion, I caved in and went to see just what Pinterest is all about. Do I know, now that I'm part of it??? What I can say with certainty is that there is a pile of activity going on there! I thought my new eBay home page that keeps "discovering" new items of interest for me while I'm trying to work on other things was cluttered. That doesn't hold a light to the Pinterest edge-to-edge photos of everything under the sun! And I am only following six boards (they make you sign up for five from the choices they offer, and I added one personal friend)! How on earth will I ever find anything there?

Oh well, in case you're interested, I don't know how you search for a person if you're already part of the mania, I'm Jan Howard in there. Would it surprise you to know that the only board I have created for public viewing is named "An Eclectic Collection"? And I already pinned three pictures! I guess the "old dog" can still learn a new trick or two, after all.

Oh yes, so I don't forget to say it, I still hate blogging! In fact, I completely forgot about this thing! Something just "happened" to trigger my memory, so I decided to run in and post the news! Now, aren't you so glad you're informed???