Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Greetings...such as they are...

Hello! Let me get off on the right/wrong foot by stating for the record that I HATE BLOGS!!! I tried keeping them when they were first created, and it frustrated me. I've tried browsing through dozens of different kinds, and I stay lost. They bore me, and I don't like the way there are so many different places linked inside them that you're never absolutely certain that you're still looking at the site you went to visit in the first place. I also think they are soon going to give way to some kind of new trend. Don't have a clue as to what that will be, but the world's attention span is too short to spend long digging around in a site that very well may be filled with wonderful things. And the social networks have all but eliminated the need for a designated place to state one's opinion, too.

All that being said, maybe YOU will change my opinion. Perhaps "you" will become the "all of you" who spend time strolling around in whatever trinkets I put in here with my "eclecticity". I have chosen the eclectic title because that is the best description I can put on myself. I have no single-minded interest, but love many things. One of my favorite interests holds zero interest, as far as I can tell, for anybody on the web any more. I love graphics, but the lovely pages of purely entertaining quips and tidbits, each with its own page design, have given way to flash animations and other "fast" alternatives. Animated .gif's have fascinated me from the first ones I ever saw -- those are vanishing, too.

So, what else do I like? That depends on what my mood is at the moment -- la mood du jour! There are plenty of things that I don't enjoy, so I already know you won't find these here, but there really is no telling what you'll find, even from one day to the next. Of course, I am most definitely NOT making a commitment to post every day. It will really surprise me if I post as often as once a week. There again, there are no rules, and I will make no effort to predict the future.

All in all, if this turns out to be yet another frustrating experience for me, which will also make it so for you, I'll shut the thing down! Still stuck in the pleasures of past websites, at least for now, you can visit EclecticallyJan for some of the "old-fashioned" type of website experience.

Thanks for reading!