Sunday, April 28, 2013

Explaining the tabs...

You may have noticed the navigation tabs at the top of this page. I need to explain them to you ... or think I do!

As you should know, I have been experiencing the growing pains of a total web-presence makeover. "Back in the day" this meant you could build a new set of pages, upload them with FrontPage, and be up and running -- ready to face the electronic world. It's not that way any more -- not by a long shot! Which brings me back to talking about those links.

Home: That's the no-brainer/easy one. It brings you back to the newest posts in this journal. Okay, it stays -- check!

Fun & Witty Stuff: This is an experimental page I built under the umbrella of this blog. It is exactly what it says, cute sayings, good jokes, and anything else that may simply provide a few minutes of escape into pleasant relaxation. I don't know if it will bloom and grow, but it's there for the moment, and the link tabs all show there just as they do here. Guess that's a plus?

More Eclecticity: This leads to my "bought-and-paid-for" web presence -- I am eclecticallyjan! For now, this is a page that is an attempt to blend the old and the new of personal websites. Honestly, I don't expect it to do much more than sit there for a while, and then I will probably change it to link back or forward to this blog. As badly as I hate to admit it, this blog seems to be the way my presence is developing. From here I can tell the world (if it cares to know) what's going on, what I have to offer, link to affiliations that could potentially help support me, and everything else people get on the Internet for when they want to do more than shop and read the news. One thing I do not like is this link will take you away from the blog (in the same window or tab), and I haven't figured out any way to stop that from happening. That's another reason I may make all my domains forward to this page. You will find a link from there back to here, so all won't be lost if you leave and want to return. We'll see....

Business Stuff: As well as owning and, I also own, and this tab goes to that domain. For now, there's nothing there, so don't bother clicking on it. This is another tab that may vanish soon. I'm not ready to set up a full .biz presence, and I've already talked about my "love affair" (not) with my GoDaddy publishing attempts (the reason there's still nothing published on the .biz page). I'm still happy with my choice to move to GoDaddy hosting -- they had some really great specials and a good support system. My problems would already be solved if I would stay with them, but with concentrating on working in this journal that hasn't really been a pressing issue.

Okay, hope that helps a little bit. Thought it might be good to clarify. Even if it doesn't help you, it helped me -- found some tweaking that needed to be seen to!