Monday, April 22, 2013


Well, GoDaddy and I are getting to be quite chummy! That's because I'm still trying to get myself established as a website entity through their hosting. I'm secured for a couple of years, with three different domain extensions, but I'm still working laboriously at getting comfortable with page creation. Yesterday I managed to jam  my entire account -- quite a feat, eh? Finally had to spend some time on the telephone with Dan, and a few hours later he had me freed back up enough to be able to once again access my folders. I do have to give it to them: I can reach them for support, and they speak native US English!

Re-Think $5.99 .COM!

My issue is that I've almost always used Microsoft FrontPage and ExpressionWeb. Unfortunately (for me, at least), these are obsolete. There are no updates, no support, and no FrontPage extensions to activate. I can still use the programs to build pages, but they can only be loaded via ftp. If you don't speak the language of webmaster, the literal interpretation of ftp is a curse word -- or it has been in all of my experience. I have never been able to make a connection with it. The only thing I've been able to put online so far has been through a direct upload of my images and .html file, which is slow and complicated.

I did try WordPress (included in my original hosting package), but it seemed to limit me to a blog, which (obviously) I don't need. I am quite satisfied with my Google/Blogger set-up, and don't have any plans to change that. So, I ended up buying an "upgrade" to the GoDaddy online builder. As of now, I'm not really loving it, but am still hoping it will grow on me. I am beginning to think my main online presence is going to be growing to having this blog be the main contact point. To be honest, in spite of the years of experience I have (all self-taught and not a lifetime techie), I am very confused right now.

Bottom line:  Please bear with me while I work through all this changing. Sooner or later, no matter what you find connected to EclecticallyJan, I hope it will always be an enjoyable place for you to visit!