Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's a start! last, and at least...The new look of EclecticallyJan is up! Yippee!! Far, very far, from being what I plan for it to develop into, at least I got something up there besides the "under construction" blip. This is the address: I have been using the .net domain until now, but my hosting changes have allowed me the excuse to now channel everything through .com. The old .net website, with its dozens of pages, will remain for only a very short time. Be sure and go look at if before much of it vanishes forever. There are links to it on the .com page.

What has not worked well with me? I have been using Microsoft Expression Web 4, and before that I was using Microsoft FrontPage. Both of these publish using the FrontPage extensions. Well, guess what? This method of publishing seems to be going to the technology graveyard -- outdated by all the newer and faster options that have since been created. I am now seriously considering adding the WordPress program to my hosting package. The greatest appeal? You can post to everything/everywhere within the single program. Hassle-free; that's my way to go! Why change at all when I could still upload with my Expression Web via ftp? Because every time I have attempted to use this method of publishing over the years I have failed to succeed, without exception, including now! If I knew what I was doing wrong, I could fix it, but it's like ftp is a different language from the one I speak. I got this first new page up by directly uploading the files for the page. As you can well imagine, this is a slow process.

I'm in limbo for the time being. If you're reading this and you use WordPress, I sure would appreciate a comment about your experience and/or recommendation! Hope I can get some good advice!