Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The onion didn't turn black . . .

I was so hoping to be able to show you a picture of the onion I cut to help with my "crud" after it took all the germs and turned black, as I had seen predicted in one of those countless email messages about miraculous fixes. Well, it didn't happen -- the thing didn't turn black. It didn't even turn brown...or green, or blue, or purple. It just sort of dried up and the rings separated. But, I have to say it did seem to help with the way I felt. The scent was surprisingly fresh to my irritated sinuses. I wasn't completely stopped up like you get with a head cold, so can't tell you if it would have helped with the congestion. What I was dealing with was stopped up ears, drainage in the back of my throat, and a very, very sore throat. I think it was something caused by a germ that was made worse by seasonal allergies as we watch this pollen do its annual "thing". Maybe the germ wasn't strong enough to make the onion turn black??? I will still use the onion trick if I get sick again, and if it ever does actually turn black I'll get pictures.  ;)  I am still a firm believer in using what I can of the things God has provided to help us live more comfortably in these bodies. I'm just thankful that yesterday I began to feel like I might actually get over this stuff, and today, even though I still cough occasionally and my ears are still bothering me a little, my throat seems to have finally beaten whatever was making it so sore. I really don't do sick very well!

April 1st! April Fool's Day. Always one who detested practical jokes, and steeped in training against telling lies, I have never been one to pull any pranks on this date (or any other, for that matter). I did have a couple of business items that are due to be taken care of that I decided to put off until tomorrow, simply because I didn't want to do them on this particular holiday. I'm not superstitious, but sometimes I seem to get little peculiar quirks like that. Don't guess it hurts anything, eh?

I'm still working on graphic designs for my upcoming website overhaul. Still not completely positive what all I'll be doing with it, but it will have a new look once I'm done. For the time being, the fun pages will definitely be staying in place. They won't be the main focus of the site, but I can't bring myself to throw them away when somebody may enjoy viewing them. I also still have a lot of pages from older websites that will probably continue to be added -- just for fun! It looks like, at least for the time being, this blog (am I going to have to stop hating blogging?) will be the launching point for keeping the world (that's you!) informed about my changes and progress. For now, if you haven't looked around in there yet, the site map will give you a complete overview of what's there. I would love to have you stop in and look around!

Before I put this puppy to bed for the night, I showed you the new logo that matches the upcoming theme. Today, among other things, I adapted the cutest wreath - a photo of an idea on Pinterest. It was perfect for the tropical theme. Let me share that with you, and then I'll say good night:

Good night!  :)