Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today's Carman Video

Carman has shared another video with us today. Also posted a "pop quiz" (I knew some of the trivia, but believe I still failed!):
"Here's a little quiz for ya. Let's see who gets it right. This video was a combination of 7 things. 1st the song itself is a phrase that I used to hear go back-and-forth in the crowd before a very well-known Christian Singer would come out to do a concert. It happened every time. I wanted to do something unique with the sound and production, so I pulled the music influences from 3 rock and roll singers; 2 famous and one not so famous. And two popular bands who (at the time) battled for supremacy on all the Teen beat magazines. Finally I patterned the show after a popular dance program. So the question is Who is the Christian singer, who are the 3 rock and roll icons, who are the 2 bands and what was the TV show. Lets see who the brainiac is out there. If you guess it, I will dub you a CSI musical Genius."

Here's the link: Sunday School RockWhy not post your answers to the quiz in the comments here? That would be fun! Picture below was snipped from the video...