Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Carman Update


Carman had just sent us a new video!!! This is a personal message, not a performance. It looks like his supporters (that's us) are breaking records with the pledges for getting this new album off the ground. Fighting cancer that doctors say is incurable, Carman is trusting in the Great Physician to take him exactly where he is supposed to go. It is because so many people have rallied behind him and are sending prayers and words of encouragement that he has, in the midst of this horrible illness, found a renewed vigor for life. Health-wise, he is actually feeling better right now. God can heal him, or He can choose call him home. For now, he wants to reach as many people as he possibly can before he gets that last call, no matter when it comes.

If you can possibly make a pledge, you will see there are rewards for anything you give. If you can't give, then please, please, please continue to lift this servant up in prayer as often as you possibly can. Everything is greatly appreciated!