Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goin' Fishing!

Not at the lake (it's raining outside, anyhow), but right here! How do you like the little fish game I just added? I promise you, it is quite distracting. It's my page and I found it very relaxing to stop and play with the fish for a few minutes...well, a little more than a few minutes! If you put your cursor in the water with them, you'll find they start swimming toward it. Give a click or two and you'll drop them some food. They'll love you for that! lol

I really needed that "unwind time", too. It's been an extremely frustrating couple of days for me as I am still struggling with the "growing pains" of website conversion. I'm sure you're not at all interested in the details, but I am almost to the point of writing off a loss of about $150 and starting fresh with a new name and a new host. THAT is enough to stress anybody, for sure!

That rain I told you about earlier? The worst of what was a pretty bad storm missed us, but it knocked out the electricity for almost three hours. Now I've completely lost my train of thought! Maybe that's a sign I should simply stop here for now? Yeah! I'll talk to you more later on...when I have more to say!

Just a little cutie I found while searching for something else.
She said she wanted to tell you hello!