Friday, May 3, 2013

Making Progress (at last)

I finally have all my domains online in one form or another. Everything is either linked back here or to my EclecticallyJan main home page. I guess that means I'm ready for phase two, whatever that might be! I do have some ideas floating around in my head. Now all I have to do is catch them and put them in the right place. Whew!

Don't forget about the Carman campaign (see the information in the right-hand sidebar) -- we still have a way to go and the days are counting down. I believe it will happen -- how about you?

I still have a burning desire to work on graphics, continually seeing cute ideas and basic graphics I would love to incorporate into designer packages. In fact, if I hadn't forced myself to come over and type this I would probably have my Paint Shop Pro open right now!

Winter has returned for a couple more days -- really strange for May in Texas, but I have seen snow more than once around Easter, so it's not surprising.

No real news tonight. I've been doing a lot of reading about prepping for whatever disasters the future might hold. Have seen some real fruitcakes on the television programs. I like to prepare for things the best I can, but thank God I'm not an urban illiterate when it comes to survival. My immediate goal is to get set up for some year-round home gardening. If you check out my Pinterest boards, you'll find I have one with some really neat ideas relating to that very thing! Be sure and follow the Home Gardening board if that's a topic that interests you, too.

Let me share another graphic with you, and then I'll call it a wrap for now:

Your lesson in "southern" for the day:
If you are ever crying on some good southerner's shoulder,
spilling it about all your problems,
and they respond with this and a kind of faraway look in their eye;