Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Light???

I have been "hubbin' it" here for days...weeks...almost a month with trying to get my online presence back on track after deciding to make a change that I thought was an upgrade. I cannot begin to describe how frustrated I've been with not being able to get my main website up and running and looking the way I want it to look. If you've clicked on the "More Eclecticity" link on this page recently you've seen what I'm talking about. I had what I thought was a very nice site, but with the moves and the incompatibilities and the nothing-working-right-for-me episodes, it has now all been lost. At least the pages are not available to you right at the moment. BUT, I think I have found the light at the end of this web-hosting tunnel! No details yet until I see exactly what my current host is going to do to try and compete with the new deal I've found, but live chat and toll-free service and the ability to use my existing publisher...these go a very long way. Add about 1/3 the cost and it quickly becomes a no-brainer, don't you agree? If this turns out like it looks like it will, there will definitely be an affiliated link for anyone who has an interest in owning their own website.

I found this through a link on a person's site that I've been familiar with for many years. This person is a professional "website person", so I trust his judgment. He is so pleased with this company that he has six of his own sites hosted with them. This is a good sign.

Okay, I have probably just bored you to tears talking about something that means absolutely nothing to you. I'll stop now...and will keep you posted on my progress and when you can once again view EclecticallyJan as it should be viewed.

One good thing has come of all this: I have this blog, and I have almost "grown into" actually liking it more than hating it! The blog gives me the freedom of not having to handle the responsibility of major creation decisions. That means I can just "let it flow", and talk to you in a leisurely sort of way. Doesn't that make you happy???

Oh, before I go, I added a new product line in EJ's Shoppe today. If you have a big surprise cooking in your oven, you may want to pick up one of the shirts with this new/vintage graphical adaptation: