Saturday, May 18, 2013


Just finished doing a little update/tweaking in here! Please notice the link on your left to follow this blog by email. I don't bug you with email solicitations, but some people want to be notified of new posts. If you let me know that's your preference, I will certainly be sending you a message each time.

Sometimes, albeit very rarely, I post twice in the same 24-hour period. Most of the time it's been more like once every two or three days. My goal is to find something interesting to talk about or show you at least once a day. If you've been with me since the beginning (my first post -- I hope), you know that I started out really hating blogs. It seems to be growing on me a little, but I still forget to even think about posting on some days. Can't blame that on aging -- I think it's still a trace of the old, original dislike.

I just had the always-pleasant experience (NOT) of having the electricity go off in the middle of my work! Note to self: It's nice that Blogger has an auto-save that prevents total loss of posts that get interrupted. So, that being said, I will publish this before anything else happens.

Oh yes, I am working on a new set of graphics in purple, "Plum Tickled". It's just getting started, but I'll share it with you if it gets to looking good. Remember my selective OCD as it relates to graphics! Here's one little trinket that's ready to be a part of the group:

Love this shoe!

And I don't know if I will use her 
(found her in an image search and don't know who she is to give credit),
but if that doesn't say "plum tickled",
nothing does!
If, by chance, you own this picture,
or know these people,
please let me know.