Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Busy Me!

Looking at the dates on my posts you would think I haven't been doing anything! But, if you visit here on a regular basis, you can see that quite a few new things have been added.

There's a forum (tab in the navigation menu at the top), a block to join my mailing list (right-hand column, near the bottom), and a site ring (waaayyy down at the bottom of the page) for you to join if you have a blog or website of your own.

I've also added new material to my mother's story page, and some more jokes to the Fun & Witty Stuff since my last dated post.

So, you, see, even though those kind of things don't get a date like this kind of post does, I'm still alive, well, and busily kicking! I do try to tweet everything new I add. These dated posts are always tweeted. My Twitter and Facebook are interlinked, so both places get the information. Whew! What a complicated electronic world we live in!