Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Carman's Kickstarter Campaign Recap

5,043 people pledged $538,103 in 60 days -- is that not amazing?!? And every pledge will benefit at least one reward. The world has been watching this record-breaking fundraiser -- not understanding how a Christian project could accomplish such a feat! (Remember the original goal was for $200,000, enough to make a new album. The monies above that will all be used for a national concert tour.)

Now Carman will need your prayers for either total healing, or the strength to make this concert tour. Like he said, God will literally have to keep him alive. I know God gives us each day, but with a diagnosis of cancer, and a goal of doing something such as this, it really shows a person how much they must rely on God for that life. A couple of weeks ago Carman was suddenly overtaken by a stomach bug. Such a thing is miserable to healthy people. With his cancer-related issues, he rapidly became dehydrated, made a trip to the emergency room, and was very near succumbing to it. Being anemic, he can catch colds and viruses easier, too.

This was taken on 6/3/2013,
when Carman was interviewed on the 700 Club.

I want to thank any of my friends who joined this venture! I thought it only fitting to give you a recap after asking you to support Carman when he first started this.