Friday, June 7, 2013

Few words necessary...

Yesterday was rough -- super rough -- for me. Did you know that caffeine and chocolate can drastically elevate blood pressure? I knew that, but after years of keeping it under control I let that "tidbit" conveniently slip from my memory and was once again enjoying my favorite food -- way too much!

...because the no-no's decided to race my heartbeat up to twice what it should have been!


At least I am still alive and able to wave my little hankie goodbye to the culprit. No stroke, no heart attack...I have a lot to thank the Lord for saving me from! Glad to be here with you all again today!

Oh yes, please don't ignore the fact that I mentioned caffeine. It's bad, too, but the chocolate was my worst enemy, and my greatest craving. I think doing without a caffeinated soda is easier than doing without the chocolate. What's so strange about this is that no matter how much chocolate I allowed myself to eat, I was never satisfied. Can you relate to this?