Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's a good day!

Not good for any super-special reason...just a good day, in general. I have been blessed with a lot of things that could have been bad not happening in my life. I have heard from some special friends I have added some new things to this blog (see the option to follow me in networked blogs on the left -- join, too!). And look at this:

5:30 pm US Central time

I am thrilled with that number! It is really hard to get new people to find you online when you have a website. Trust me -- I know this after years of designing personal pages and doing everything under the sun to try and draw traffic to them. This blog, which I admitted to starting out hating, is less than three months old. That number reflects far more views than anything else I've ever publish has accomplished in the same amount of time. This blogging, no matter how you detest it when you start, will definitely grow on you when you see your labors aren't all for yourself and maybe only a few other people because others don't know about you. Yeah, I'm selfish -- I want hundreds of thousands of people to look at what I do!

Granted, this is kind of a jumping-off place for other things I have online, and I do hope to net some commissions and other kinds of income in the long run, but it's also fun for me to show you things you'll enjoy enough to keep returning and looking for more. I still cling to the eclectic identity because I am not locked into a single-minded interest. Should I evolve into that, I'll just start up something new that focuses on the specific topic. So, eclectically speaking, you're still not going to know what you'll find here from one post to the next. Guess you should keep checking so you don't miss that one good post you are hoping for? lol Better yet, just click one of the links to follow me and you'll be able to get sneak previews, too. I'm trying to provide the networking that will appeal to any and all interests. And I do appreciate your patience as I experiment and learn!