Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still working on graphics...

And that is about all the progress I've made since my last post. Sometimes it even amazes me at how long it takes to put a set of graphics together. Moonlight and Whippoorwills is beginning to take shape graphically. Then I have to decide on some content. I want to write a poem about what the name suggests, but it hasn't taken shape in my head yet. That's probably because of the concentration on the artwork. It will happen. Meanwhile, I'll just keep plugging away here, smiling as new people find my place in cyber-space, and keep on sharing whatever eclectic topic is on my mind when I type!

How do you like this one?

I wasn't wild about the way the cluster of frames turned out,
so went back and covered it all up with the antique rose wallpaper again.
Added the title, and I can use it anywhere!

If you click on the image it opens full-sized.
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