Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Winter is Gone

This poem explains the inspiration behind my site, Moonlight and Whippoorwills...

The Winter is Gone
(when the Whippoorwill sings)

One evening I walked,
Out my door at day's end:
Expecting the chill,
That winter nights send.

Not asking or seeking,
I noticed a change:
The breeze was some warmer;
Scents of blooms filled the nares!

Stopped by this finding,
Cast my eyes toward the sky:
There the moon was ascending,
Bright and full in its rise.

Then to my ears
Came a beautiful sound;
Forgotten, as always,
While the winter hung 'round.

The call, unexpected,
Signals new life begins:
The lonesome call points to
The long winter's end.

The shy bird of song,
Rarely seen in the night;
Was warbling his call,
With all of his might.

Or, "Chip fell out of the white oak,"
As some say he trills.

Though quite unexpected,
That song thrilled my being:
For we know winter's over,
When the whippoorwill sings!

That sound calls up memories,
From days long, long gone:
Stirs old passions and longings,
Only youth could have known.

The memories flood back from,
My tender young years:
When a mother, old-fashioned,
But loved, was still near.

Warm nights, tender heart;
Hopes and dreams beyond measure:
Sights, smells, and sounds,
That now become treasures.
Yes, the winter is gone,
When the whippoorwill sings:
Yet the life for this old one,
Sees the winter begin.

Written by Jan Howard

Moonlight and Whippoorwills  (the website this poem is about)

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