Sunday, June 9, 2013

Well, duh on me!

After all was said and done, and I had my racing heart all settled down again, what did I do? Got up the next morning (yesterday) and "enjoyed" my usual breakfast. For a couple of years now I've mostly been drinking one of these EAS AvantaEDGE Carb Control shakes,

usually with a small package of peanut butter crackers, and taking my morning pills. Can't tolerate them on an empty stomach, and this has been an okay-tasting way to get them them down. Naturally, the only flavors I really "liked" (this is nothing like an old-fashioned milkshake, for sure!) were the chocolates, of which I have a small stash chilled in my refrigerator. Yes, I grabbed one out of habit.

Okay, so as the final drop passed my lips, my tongue then chose to chide me with, "Hey! That's CHOCOLATE!" Can I blame this on getting older??? But, honestly, the chocolate thought never entered my mind until that very last instant. My husband consoled me with things like, "It's hard to remember everything," and the like, but that didn't help the way my heart reacted to this "accidental chocolate treat".

It has now given me over twenty-four hours of irritatingly-unpleasant irregular rhythms. At least it hasn't been as frequent or pronounced today as it was yesterday, which again confirms that chocolate is indeed the culprit that messes with my chemistry. Caffeine is included in the no-no list for me, but I still think my body is affected more by chocolate than caffeine. But caffeine I don't need, or crave. It has never helped me wake up, and I am only a coffee-drinker on very rare occasions, usually in the winter. Sodas are just as good without it....

On a lighter note, I am still enjoying creating new graphics. Had a blast throwing this patchwork collage together from old pictures and advertisements. You like them?