Friday, July 12, 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Been taking a walk down "Memory Lane" today as I've been going through things left behind by my parents and grandparents. A little over a year after losing the last of them, it didn't hurt as much today, but was more comforting to reach out and touch the things they deemed important enough to save over the years.

One trinket I found was "The Obligation of Duty", an essay of some kind, undated, written by my daddy when he was still a schoolboy. It was a surprising and exciting find among the treasures. I typed it up and put it in my Facebook notes. It's nothing spectacular -- just a tiny glimpse into my dad's mind, and it was special to me. That's what the tweet refers to. If you would like to read it, here's the text:

The Obligation of Duty
Written by Hubert Howard
(no date, but probably some time between 1934 & 1938)

Duty is performing that which is due. A person,to perform his duty, much possess respectful behavior due to parents or supervisors. Duty is that which is expected from one, in a certain position or station. A person rendering a service that is due is duteous. Obligation is the manner or way in which one carries or should carry on duty.

One thing you should never do is lie about duty. ("Reconstruct -> When you say you are going to do a thing and do another is bad policy.") When you say you are going to do a thing, do it, and don't fail to perform your duty. When you are invited to any entertainment, go if possible, because it might be your only chance. Failing to go makes the one inviting feel slighted. So, perform your duty by going when invited.

More of if you are duteous at school. Be a worker for your principal and teachers. Make a good grade and I assure you, that you will get more praise than you would with an F. When you have a chance to be duteous, do so. Some people over-do their duty while thousands don't ever do theirs.

There are many great men and women who have made themselves great by performing their duty when it came to them. One outstanding duteous woman that I have read about is Florence Nightingale. She felt it her duty to study nursing. While nursing in a Crimean war, she took a disease. She was in the trenches performing her duty. This duty brought her not only fame but millions of dollars, for which she spent for nursing schools and hospitals. If it had not been for one duteous woman, nursing might not have been known today and people might not have had any medical care while sick. Florence Nightingale had the will power many of us do not have. She said that she was going to perform her duty as long as possible. If all of us could say that and do it, the world would be a better one. Not only the world but the people in it would be also.

Another outstanding duteous person was George Washington. Although he was a great man in his day, he didn't stay off the battlefield. He felt it his duty to fight for his flag and country. In one of his great speeches he said, "as long as I have strength and power I won't give up." One outstanding battle he fought was the Battle of Forage. They were on the snow; Washington had neither supplies nor shelter. By being duteous and working at night they slipped up a frozen river and captured the enemy. How many of us would do that today? Not many I know. George Washington brought himself fame by performing his duty. Not only in war but in the legislature. He worked on laws and pleased the people. Pleasing the people [within itself] is saying a lot.

In conclusion I give to you the old saying, "Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." Let's all make another George Washington and Florence Nightingale by performing our duty.