Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ah, how quickly we forget!

Take a lesson from a senior citizen (that's a nice way of saying "an old lady"), when you're tempted to be dragged down by the worries and cares of a bad day or a certain set of circumstances...

The last time I posted I was feeling really weighted down by some issues that were going on in my life. There were several important things...they were depressing. But today, only a few days later, every one of those issues have been turned around and/or resolved, for the positive...and all of the potentially-major disasters were avoided.

So, what's the lesson? It's the fact that, with the exception of one of those issues, still pending because of having to wait on a future appointment to get its resolution finally accomplished, I can't, for the life of me, even remember what any of the other ones even were! Can you believe that??? These things were spoiling my joy, and now it's as though they never even existed! Yes, they were real issues...and yes, they were difficult to deal with, but now life goes on and they fade into the past.

Within the past week I have talked to two different people who told me stories about events in their lives that changed their outlooks. One shared how a stroke four years ago was his wake-up call to turn himself around. He got active in his church and community, helping others, and says he now knows there is no reason in the world why God would love him any more than anyone else in the world. He said he is content to enjoy the time he has left on this earth, and appreciates each day he has and his time with his grandchildren. The other person was involved in a major traffic accident when an 18-wheeler overtook and ran over him on an Interstate highway, destroying his vehicle and a trailer of supplies he was towing. He shared how walking away from such an event, still alive and well, had completely changed his perspective on life. He said he understands the value of each day, and enjoys and appreciates his days in a way he never had before.

Also within the past week, I have received news of two former high-school classmates reaching the end of their life journeys. Other classmates are struggling to deal with this. It's not true family, but it hits close to home when it's people you knew all you life, grew up with, played with, loved with, lost with ... it is painful. Life is fleeting. Whether you live ten years or a hundred years, the past is short. Seize the day -- don't put off doing the things that are important to you. Tell the people you love how much you care. Give yourself a break!

Do you see these lessons? The mountains of the day soon become the molehills of yesterday. Things rarely turn out as bad as we envision them when they are troubling us. Appreciate the day for what it is, good or bad, for you never know when it will be your last. And look around you. People are running and struggling as though they are being chased by the devil -- which they are. They aren't making any real progress, and they are missing out on the joys that are right there for them now.

I have spent a lifetime getting ready to do or be something in the far-off distant future of "down the road". Trust me -- that day never arrives. It is always "just around the corner". It is a destination that doesn't really exist. Live for the day, appreciate the day, and never forget that no matter how bad things may get, they could always be worse -- much worse -- than they are! Most importantly, the majority of the time those things that seem so bad at the moment are rarely bad at all.

Hang in there!

 ...and take time to stop and smell the flowers!