Monday, July 22, 2013

Been a little down...

Is there some kind of unwritten "law" that we have to always put on a bright face when we're on the Internet? I mean, to look at Facebook walls you would think almost nobody in this entire world ever has a problem, with the exception of the occasional missing child and abused dogs. Well, I ain't fake. If I'm not happy, I won't tell you I'm happy...and the past few days I have been far from ecstatic. There's a lot of important things weighing heavily on my mind, my life is changing and I'm trying to figure out how to adapt, and then there's the "normal" everyday crises that arise one right after the other that I've been having to deal with. Yes, things could be immensely worse than they are. No, I have not been enjoying these things.

My escape? I am growing to LOVE Pinterest! <--That link is to my account. I have been learning new things (mostly about old things), having old memories stirred, seeing pictures that relate to my family heritage, and enjoying the escape of going anywhere in the world I wish to relax and "get away from it all" without the hassle and cost of a physical journey. A glass of ice-cold water, a few pistachios, and I'm off to the beaches or mountains and any points in between. I've especially been enjoying touring abandoned homes, mansions and castles! If you haven't joined Pinterest, you are really missing out. I am even finding myself neglecting Facebook; and not missing it, I might add! Where there is no end to Facebook, you can actually catch up on Pinterest and take a break from watching what your friends and acquaintances have been pinning. First I put off even looking at the site for a very long time when I didn't think I would enjoy it. Now it's the first (and last) place I want to go every day! Sure would love to have you join me there, too -- Happy Pinning!

Now, about that being future is uncertain in a lot of ways. I'm not afraid of it -- just a little unsettled with the uncertainty of it. Money, of course, is always an issue -- especially when you're looking at less of it coming in and/or having new expenses added to an already too-tight budget. I may be spending a lot more time on Pinterest and considerably less time than I already do in Wal-Mart -- at least until I get myself all adjusted once things become a little more certain for me. But I am still God's child, and I am where He put me, so I know He hasn't forgotten where I am now.

Much of the recent "down-ness" is because of having to accept the reality that my body is no longer allowing me to do the things I've always been able to do...including my work -- especially my work, my job, my livelihood. I hate to call it "disabled", because so many people are so much more restricted than I am, but that's the word you must use in all the paperwork you fill out. I'm having to find new ways to pass time with varying degrees of pain and physical instability. This is new to me. I'm no spring chicken, but at only "a little past sixty" I'm not old, either. This was not in my plan, so it's taking some attitude adjustments.

I know it will all work out...and I will do my best to put my happy face back on before I post again. Then I will look forward to the new things and dread the uncertainties less -- I hope!