Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hanging In Here

Haven't done much for the past few days...apart from just sitting around and feeling sorry for myself! Really, I haven't been depressed, but have developed a pain in my upper back which I am assuming is a new progression in my joint degeneration. The thing is like having a crick in your neck, but it's between the shoulder blades instead of the neck. It's not unbearable beyond an occasional grabbing pain, but it's annoying...and it's also keeping me from being able to do much of anything. And that, because I was doing so little before, is dragging me down to near nothing on the doing scale!

My website development is at a near-standstill for some reason right now, too. I have ideas and things I would like to do, but nothing is actually taking shape at the moment. This is like a writer's block. Should I call it webmistress block???

My one pleasure that takes me away from it all, so to speak, is Pinterest. I have pinned, created boards, opened a couple of group boards...I am so loving that place...way too much! But there are so many interesting things to view. And I'm learning all kinds of facts about history in the process. My future chicken flock will have the best of ideas to make their lives more pleasant. My future gardening efforts will bear bountifully. My mind is pleased with scenes from my youth. I've returned to the county fair, watched old television shows, revisited some of my favorite musicians...the list is quickly becoming endless.

My favorite board, and the one I am the most particular about what I pin to it, is my dream island getaway. If you had to choose one place to spend the rest of your life, where would it be? I think of all the options, it would have to be a lush, tropical island for me. I would want white-sand beaches, clear blue waters, edible vegetation, no predators, no insects, no snakes...just a paradise on earth where I could have everything at hand that would be necessary to survive. I would want it to be located in waters where there were no violent storms, and the year-round climate was mild and pleasant. That would mean neither extreme heat nor cold. Let's go ahead and say I wouldn't want any sharks or stinging things in the waters of my lagoon, either! Dolphins would be welcome all the time.

Do you feel better now? See, in spite of chronic pain, I have a happy place to wander off to. Hope you do, too!