Saturday, August 10, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Well, I could make up a bunch of stuff and throw in the totally uninteresting details about things like taking the dogs to the vet for their annual shots, but, to be honest, I've mostly been "lost" in Pinterest! I have seen so many pretty things people have shared, and learned a lot of things about historical events, both near and far. The trouble with Pinterest is there's no stopping place. You want just keep going and going -- it certainly beats them all for holding me spellbound! Do you pin? What do you like most? (Comment below this post.)

On the old down side, I had another episode of my heart trying to run away on me yesterday. This time I can't blame it on chocolate or caffeine, so don't know for sure what's going on. I did, for the first time since the last incident, take a tiny sip of cola. Can't imagine that would trigger this event. I mean, after all, it was an empty bottle with just those few drops left in the bottom that I couldn't get into a glass for my husband and I didn't want to waste. It was barely enough to taste, and the taste was what I was craving. This thing just came on me yesterday with no warning or anything. I sure hope it doesn't do that any more. Have had to do the monitors and stress test and all that other heart stuff before -- none of it was any fun! I pretty much know the answer to controlling one's heart rhythm is a beta blocker. The trouble with that is the only time I was given one it put me into congestive heart failure...and I was much younger than I am now. I think there was too large of a dose prescribed, which would have caused the complication. If it takes a beta blocker to keep this heart steady, we'll just have to experiment with MUCH less than I was given before.

Oh the up side, I feel perfectly fine today. Rested, eating light, and I was able to run errands and deal with bags of merchandise I brought back from town. But I can still feel the little irregularities that haven't left me in many weeks now -- at least not left and stayed away. This is all caused by hypertension (high blood pressure). It runs in my family. If I didn't take a fluid pill my pressure would be "low" at 200/100. Before I relented and started taking medication for this, the irregular heartbeats developed as a result of that factor. It could be so much worse, so I am not complaining.

Now, wasn't I just a ray of sunshine in your day?!? Life goes on, or it doesn't. As long as it does, it goes up and down -- sometimes from minute to minute. We can choose to enjoy it in spite of the down things, or we can live a life of misery. I don't like to be miserable, so choose to strive for the "enjoyment factor" instead. Do you?