Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tangled Webs

Just one moment on my soapbox again!

I get so tired of lies and hypocrisy! In my opinion, for all it's worth, the biggest liars in the world are the ones who lie to themselves. The saddest thing about these people is the fact that they believe their own lies, even though their stories keep changing as they try to mold them to fit a given situation or in an attempt to hide the fact that they are lies to begin with. Lies beget more lies -- there is no end to trying to cover them's a vicious circle.

Christianity is not a's a life-or-death reality. You can't play games with God. He says to obey Him and do the things He has commanded us to do. Mistakes are one thing, but blatant disobedience is, plain and simple, sin, no matter how much you try to cover it up with what I call religious hiccups. That's like when something bad happens in your life and you have an interlude of your religion flaring up and your putting your "I love Jesus face" back on for a season. It's all or nothing, folks! You either are a Christian, or you are not. And if you think you can wash your face and sit on the front pew with a smile when the church doors are open, then return to your home and quickly change into the devil's advocate, living for your own self, ignoring all you know God wants of you, to fulfill the lust of your earthly flesh, these things ought not to be. I would warn you that there are consequences to deliberate sin. Be sure that your sin will find you out.

I apologize, but this builds up in me when I continually see far too many people professing to be Christians while continuing to wallow in sinful habits once they leave the church house, making no effort to become more Godly in their daily walk. These folks are merely religious, putting up a facade or a front, trying to hide what a miserable mess they are making of their lives, when all the time their hearts are not truly right with God. There is a very old hymn that my mother used to sing. One phrase sticks in my mind, "Oh, be not deceived for God is not mocked. You shall reap just what you sow!"