Saturday, November 2, 2013

Changes! Changes!! CHANGES!!!

My life has been going through what is, for me, some major changes and adjustments in recent weeks and months. Consequently, I have found myself quite distracted in the process, sometimes to the point of depression. I've been having to make new plans and goals, as well as decide what will be priorities. None of what I'm dealing with might be considered major to many of you, but it's disruptive for me. This may be part of the aging process. I'm finding that as I become a senior citizen I'm much less adaptive to change of any kind. Contentment seems to be more and more found in maintaining some semblance of a life routine, and even having to make a run to town to take care of business and buy groceries is something I almost resent these days. Does all of this sound like a good excuse for taking too long to post here?

I am so happy to see new friends checking this blog out who are finding it through my Pinterest links! If you haven't joined Pinterest, and I put it off for a very long time, you just don't know what you're missing! This has become my "modus escaperendi" for those times when my attitude sinks to the level of not wanting to do anything at all. There are new folks to meet and what has to be millions of pictures to view. It's difficult to explain, but I absolutely love much so that if I had to choose between Pinterest and Facebook, Pinterest would win hands down! Social interaction isn't the same, but not impossible. I have found some new friends there who I am enjoying knowing very much. Most are linked to Facebook, and we become friends there and can then chat. The main drawback is that pinning can really consume a lot of time, especially when you begin to open up group boards to maintain, so be prepared for that!

I've been really enjoying creating some new graphics for my Pinterest boards...but I've already said a few times (at least) how much I enjoy working with graphics. Okay, before I go do a little pinning for this lovely afternoon, I'm going to leave one graphic here for my new Pinterest friends who visit and/or follow this blog:

If you would like to find me at Pinterest,