Sunday, November 17, 2013

My CafePress Store

Just letting you know that I added some new merchandise to my store today. This isn't a place where I'm selling tons of items and making an untold fortune, but if you want to look around, the widget is over on the right-hand side of this page list, or you can click here to see the page. The new things are in the "Stand For Something" section, and I used the notebook-type graphics I made for some earlier posts here.

I don't set the prices, either, and have to agree that some of them are a little steep. I know the set-up and printing costs them something, as well as the purchased item they put it on for you, so guess that's all part of the expense. I'm set up to where it only pays me a minuscule amount if somebody makes a purchase. It makes me happy just see when somebody goes over there and takes a look!

I am currently in the process of deciding if I will become a CafePress affiliate. If it all looks good after I finish reading all of their "fine print", I'll add a link so that you can help me out by shopping and purchasing from all of the other stores in there, too. Will keep you posted....