Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

And so the year has begun...

Do you sit with your tummy full of all the "good luck" foods you've eaten on New Year's Day since you were a tot? Guilty! I cooked the traditional black-eyed peas and "hog jowls" (substituted ham) that my family never did without on the beginning of each new year -- even added the cabbage that others in nearby communities from where I grew up feel is essential. Do I really believe in luck -- especially luck precipitated on a select diet? Nah! But it's still as much a tradition as turkey and dressing on Thanksgiving Day, and it takes me back home in my mind for a little while, to say the least.

What about New Year's Resolutions? Do you make them? Have you ever kept them? Personally, I gave up on even making them decades ago. Because they rarely lasted more than a very few days, I found they left me with a guilt complex that I could easily avoid by simply not making resolutions any more!

That doesn't mean I don't set personal goals, but now I tend to set more reasonable ones. Quite honestly, I succeed more often with sensible, attainable goals. For instance, I could stand to lose a lot of weight, but setting a goal for reaching the ideal for myself is too tall of a mountain for me to climb. Instead, I set a daily goal of controlling what I eat for that day, and that day only. If I stick to that, and it is far easier to do that than to think of months and months of denying myself things I crave, the scales respond by moving down instead of climbing up. And on the day that I don't stick to my goal, it's far easier mentally to simply get back with the plan the following day. Although I will probably never be a skinny person, a thing which I have never been before, anyhow, I can in this way keep myself from turning into the blimp my body would become if I persisted in feeding it anything and everything it wants.

For this new year I hope that whatever goals you set for yourself, no matter how badly you miss the mark with the plan tomorrow, may you not get discouraged and lose sight of what you want, and pick right back up where you left off and continue on with your plan until you find at this time next year you were able to be or do what you want for yourself today!