Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year?

Well, as one holiday season has ended and we now begin to look forward to celebrations yet to come, has your new year disappointed you yet? It could simply be me, but everything feels like it's off to a different kind of start for me. Maybe I'm just getting old and see things in a different light, but there seem to be rumblings of "different" down deep for me. I hope that is more positive than negative in the long run!

Since you already know how delinquent I can be in offering postings and greetings for holidays, I thought I would at least get off on the right foot for 2015 and be sure I don't miss a single greeting. So, here you go!

(graphic courtesy of some unknown artist)

Okay, maybe I'm not that bad...or that cynical. Let's be certain you do know that even when I'm silent, I still hope for the best for you!