Friday, July 3, 2015

Your own website?

Hi there! This is a little different from the kinds of things I normally post, but it may be just what you're looking for.

Have you ever considered establishing your very own website? Need to create an online presence so you can earn some extra money? Yes, it takes planning, work, and constant attention, but it can become more than just a dream if you make the commitment.

The first thing to do is to find yourself a, a great...web hosting service. I use Bluehost for mine, and after many years of investigating and trying others, this is my choice of what is best for me. Granted, I'm not into websites for big business here, but the potential is there with Bluehost -- for you or me, if we want to take it to that level. Anyhow, I'm also an affiliate with Bluehost, which means that if you click through my link and purchase any of their hosting plans I receive a modest commission (another way to make money online, and one which I am obligated to reveal to you in advance).

So, the reason I'm posting this here is because they are running a special at Bluehost for a few days and you can get a significant discount on introductory rates.
From July 1st (10 am MST) until July 7th (10 am MST), your readers will be able to enjoy special promotional rates on hosting through your affiliate link. Don't let these great deals go unnoticed - let your visitors know! This is a great opportunity to drive more referrals.
     12 months - $4.95/month
     24 months - $3.95/month
     36 month - $3.49/month
Thanks for reading! Who knows -- I may be helping you out. Then you, in return, will be helping me out, too!

Remember, you can sign up to become an affiliate, too -- that's FREE!