Saturday, May 7, 2016


When I was quite young,
And could not yet stand;
I learned the deep love
In my mama's hands.

There wasn't an ache;
No pain was so grand;
That it could not be soothed
By my sweet mama's hands.

It was something I knew,
Though not always acknowledged;
Her touch stirred my depths
When I was disheartened.

No foe could attack,
No pain overwhelm;
But Mama's soft touch
Would soon calm me down.

Then as I grew older,
And went on my way;
While Daddy and Mama
At home did both stay:

Years quickly passed by,
And my memory waned;
Of the comforting strength
In Mama's dear hands.

Our visits too often
Were entirely too few:
The infrequent greetings
Held a mere hug, or two.

Then came a day
When I visited home;
A fall on some pavement
Had broken a bone.

I shared it with Mama,
As her child would have done.
She simply reached out;
Laid her hand on my arm.

It was all unexpected;
   She was now more the child:
I could never have dreamed;
   My emotions ran wild!

My eyes were wide opened,
The memories rushed in;
As surprised by her touch
Those hands warmed me again!

The old peace flooded through me;
I was startled to find;
That same touch, long forgotten,
Thrilled my soul and my mind!

So, what will I remember,
Now she's joined Heaven's band?
Nothing ever compares to
The touch of Mama's hands!

Jan Howard
(written shortly after my mother's death)

My mother, Mavis Boyd Howard
Happy Mother's Day 2016
to a woman who is still dearly loved
and sorely missed on this earth!